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FHEMobile - native iPhone Application


FHEMobile is a native iPhone application which features controlling and monitoring of FHEM based house automation servers.

All FS20 devices (switches and dimmers) can be controlled. Furthermore the measured values of HMS temperature sensors and FHT heating controls can be monitored.

Utilizing the FHEM telnet port, FHEMobile does not need access to any webinterface you may have installed.


  • You need a running FHEM server. You can download it FHEM Downloads. There are also Debian packages available.
  • You need to open the FHEM telnet port (usually 7072) to your LAN. You can do this by using the command "attr global port 7072 global". Do not forward this port through your internet router! Instead, if you want to access your FHEM server from outside, use a VPN connection.
  • You need an iPhone 3G/3GS/4G or an iPad. Fhemobile works fine on an iPod Touch 3G, too.
  • You need the Fhemobile app. Appstore availability will be announced shortly.



All devices view

Here you can see all of your configured devices, sorted by device type. You can always refresh all views by pulling down the table beyond its upper dimension. (See pull-to-refresh screenshot)

Rooms view

The rooms view shows a list of all rooms populated by your precious devices. Just choose a room by tapping on it to get a list of devices inhabiting that room.

Detail view

The detail view shows the current state of your device, including graphs of last 24h activity/power/temperature for FS20/EM/FHT/FHT_TF/FS20 devices. You can slide the graph to the last/next day to get the appropriate data.

Favourites view

A nice list of your favourite devices. In the detail view you can declare all devices you want your favs.

Diagnosis view

Interested in the server log? Have a new HMS device and want to know its housecode? The diagnosis view shows recent log messages.


Version 1.0: (2010-08-28)

  • The first version of Fhemobile appears

Version 1.1: (2010-09-04)

  • Fixes:
    • fmfav user attribute set automatically

New features:

  • FHT 24h graphs (slide to the right to get yesterdays data and so on)
  • diagnosis screen showing the FHEM server log

First version is available on the iPhone Appstore now, second version review is pending! Stay tuned!

Version 1.3: (2010-11-13)

  • Fixes:
    • Fixed bug with logging when connection not available

New features:

  • Improved device view
  • Favourites can be reorderd and removed, order is saved on device.
  • Rooms can be reorderd, order is saved on device.
  • Improved logging view
  • New settings dialog which resembles the settings app.
  • Support for S555TH Temperature/Humidity sensors
  • HMS temperature and humidity display
  • Autorotation feature
  • Improved iPad Support

Version 1.4: (2010-12-21)

  • Fixes:
    • Fixed some memory leaks

New features:

  • Support for HMS-100T devices
  • Better Support for FS20-RST devices

Version 1.5: (2011-01-05)

  • Fixes:
    • Fix for special HMS devices (RegExp)

New features:

  • Support for OREGON sensors
  • Graph rotation support
  • English/German/Dutch translation (French+Italian soon to come)


  • SSH based secure tunneling of the FHEM telnet port.
  • Adding, removing, editing devices.

If you have any ideas or improvement wishes, please let me know. (You can use the discussion page for this)