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This is currently under development as at 2012-07-17

General directory structure

The base directory of fhem is $modpath (this is where is). All active modules are in $modpath/FHEM.

Inner workings of the FHEMWEB server

FHEMWEB directory structure

The base URL of the FHEMWEB server is http://hostname:port/<webname>. The path <webname> is taken from the webname attribute of the FHEMWEB device. It defaults to "fhem".

The directory layout on the file system from which fhem serves files is either (new version)

		default/         (contains standard images and floorplans)
           weather/      (contains weather icons)
		dark/          (contains overrides for icons in dark style)
        smallscreen/       (contains overrides for icons in smallscreen style)
  	  docs/			 (non-existant in standard installation)
	  gplot/            (contains gplot files)
	  pgm2/             (contains javascript, css and svg files)

or (old version)


or (interim version)