Weiteres Beispiel - SMA Wechselrichter

Aus FHEMWiki

Based on the discussion in the forum, here is another example that shows how the language can be changed in SMA inverters. To do this, the value of the double holding register 40013 is read or set. 777 corresponds to DE, 778 to EN.

   define SI ModbusAttr 3 10 TCP
   attr SI closeAfterResponse 0
   attr SI dev-h-defLen 2
   attr SI dev-h-defPoll 0
   attr SI dev-h-defRevRegs 0
   attr SI dev-h-defUnpack N
   attr SI dev-type-ENUM_JN-hint EN,DE
   attr SI dev-type-ENUM_JN-map 777:DE,778:EN
   attr SI dev-type-ENUM_JN-revRegs 0
   attr SI enableControlSet 1
   attr SI obj-h40013-reading Sprache
   attr SI obj-h40013-set 1
   attr SI obj-h40013-showGet 1
   attr SI room SYSTEM->modbus